Founded in 2014, B&D is an entrepreneurial and cooporation services organization. One of the founding objectives of B&D was to allow our partners to find the right strategic partner for deals all across Germany and Europe. Another was to advise companies on their path to become an efficient and successful player in the market. We advise and take care of innovative enterprises with a scalable business model. We provide investment cooporations and business assistance services to companies with innovative technologies and novel business concepts.

At B&D, we apply our strengths as a leading global cooporation and advisory company to deliver solutions, unlock value and drive growth. Our capital fuels the development of businesses. Our strategic advice helps companies stabilize, grow and thrive during these challenging times. We invest in growing markets and entrepreneurs that will be leader of future opportunity.


We attribute our success to our commitment of always putting clients' interests first; whether it's raising capital for new ventures or to meet growth objectives for expanding businesses.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and need help, please take contact with us. B&D team supports you with:

  • Identify companies
  • Deliver resources, business knowledge, and sector expertise
  • Position client companies
  • Accelerate the business process
  • Generate wealth for our clients


B&D has specific industry expertise in the following areas:

Life Science / Health
Digital Services
Energy Sector
Consumer Goods