Venture Capital

B&D is a German cooporation firm who advises foreign investors in finding investment opportunities in young, innovative enterprises with an scalable business model that have the potential to become market leaders. We manage cooporations for an international investor base and are committed to backing outstanding entrepreneurs with the necessary resources.

Venture capital is typically provided to start-up companies that have high growth potential in industries. Besides capital, we work with entrepreneurs to help them on their way to grow their business. Entrepreneurs can access our expert team and our global network of relationships.

B&D´s investment philosophy is to focus on truly disruptive, companies with a strong focus on product or technology. We are particularly interested in companies that build engagement or network effects and that reach proof points and scalability with a high degree of capital efficiency. B&D looks for investment opportunities with German or European DNA but global ambitions.


You are looking for a business partner and you want to invest in companies who have the potential to reshape markets and change the world around us, we find the right companies and partners for you.

B&D acts as a venture capital arm of foreign investors and is best suited as a strategic partner who wants to support portfolio companies active in the business. B&D investments cover multiple stages of a company's investment needs, ranging from early-stage to expansionary and growth stages. Venture capital investments are generally made as cash investments in exchange for shares in the company.

We offer investment corporations for our clients in the following sectors:

Life Science / Health
Digital Services
Energy Sector
Consumer Goods


We make investment recommendations for companies with innovative products and business models, following mainly these success criteria:

Sector Focus and Markets

Young companies that promise above average growth potential.

Management Team

Leadership qualities and entrepreneurial strength.

Financial Structure

An existing solid financial base and a transparent financial structure. Above average market growth and return potential and a scalable business model & monetization concept. Targeted sale of the participation after 5 to 7 years.

Regional Focus

Germany, Europe.

Competitive Advantage

Clear differentiation and uniqueness in the market for selected technologies, products or services.

Investment Size

A minimum of EUR 0.5 million to a maximum of EUR 10 million as a minority stake.

Return for the Investor

Above average return on investment target.


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